Money Matters Mailbag: Episode 10

Money Matters Mailbag: Episode 10

There Are No Bailouts in Bitcoin

Strike Team

Apr 01, 2024

In this episode of the Money Matters podcast, Jack Mallers, Dylan Lieteau, and Bill Mallers Jr. discuss Sam Bankman Fried’s sentencing, what FTX taught us about counterparty risk, the fallacy of government bailouts and why they don’t apply to Bitcoin, and why everyone should self-custody. Additionally, the hosts challenge the perspective that early Bitcoin holders are "lucky," instead emphasizing the role of speculation and risk assessment in their success. They also touch on why it’s impossible for institutions to change Bitcoin’s rules and manipulate supply. Lastly, the episode revisits how bitcoin continues to outperform traditional assets like real estate and gold, and Jack shares his belief in Bitcoin's potential to replace existing currencies.


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