How can I buy gift cards or phone refills with Strike?

You can use your cash or bitcoin to shop for thousands of gift cards or other products, and your purchase will be made via the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

To buy a gift card, visit your Cash screen and follow these steps:

  1. Tap “Shop with Lightning” to begin with Bitrefill
  2. Select the gift card to purchase and add the cash amount you wish to load
  3. Tap “Add to cart”, then “Check out” when you’re ready to pay
  4. Tap the “Pay” button
  5. Select to pay with either your cash or bitcoin
  6. Confirm the payment
  7. Redeem your gift card immediately, or receive an email receipt with your gift card code/PIN

Your payment will be routed through the Lightning Network to complete your purchase. In addition to gift cards you can also shop for phone refills and eSIMs using the same process.

Please note, purchasing goods or services with bitcoin may result in a taxable event, depending on the relevant tax laws that apply to your situation. Strike does not provide tax advice. Please consult a professional regarding the tax implications of making purchases using bitcoin.