How do I link a bank account?

You can link multiple bank accounts to make cash deposits and withdrawals.

To link a bank account, start by visiting your Account screen and following these steps:

  1. Tap Payment methods
  2. Tap "Add method"
  3. Select Bank account

This will open the Plaid integration, where you can tap “Get started” then follow these steps:

Automatic linking

  1. Locate and select your bank
  2. Enter your routing number
  3. Tap “Continue” to log in to your bank
  4. Tap "Continue to log in" to redirect to your bank app
  5. In your bank app, log in to complete the process

Manual linking

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the bank list and tap and tap “Link with account numbers”
  2. Enter your routing number
  3. Tap “Enter account number instead” (below the “Continue" button)
  4. Enter your account number
  5. Enter your name
  6. Select your account type (checking or savings)
  7. Tap “Authorize” to authorize a small deposit

You will be sent a $0.01 deposit containing a 3-digit verification code in the transaction’s description (#XXX). Once you retrieve that code from your bank transaction history, return to the Strike app and tap Account then Payment methods to input the code. Upon entering the verification code, your bank account will be linked.

The verification transaction typically appears within seconds to minutes, but may take longer depending on your bank.