How do I link a debit card?

You can link multiple debit cards to make cash deposits into your Strike account.

To link a debit card, start by visiting your Account screen and following these steps:

  1. Tap Payment methods
  2. Tap "Add method"
  3. Select Debit card
  4. Ensure your card type is among the listed supported cards
  5. Enter your card details and account billing information exactly as it appears on your card
  6. Submit your information

To verify your card, we'll initiate a small, temporary transaction containing a 4-digit verification code in the transaction’s description (STRIKE XXXX). Once you retrieve that code from your bank transaction history, return to the Strike app and input the code by following the debit card steps 1 and 2 shown above.

The verification transaction typically appears within seconds to minutes, but may take longer depending on your bank. The transaction will be removed as soon as your card is successfully verified or after 7 days if the card isn’t verified.