How do I receive cash?

You can receive cash from Strike users or from Bitcoin or Lightning wallets by visiting your Cash screen and following these steps:

Receive from a Strike user

  1. Tap Receive
  2. Select Username
  3. Enter the sender’s username
  4. Enter the cash amount
  5. Confirm the request

Receive from a Bitcoin or Lightning wallet

  1. Tap Receive
  2. Select Bitcoin wallet
  3. Specify an amount to request (if you want)
  4. Toggle between Lightning or on-chain, depending on your preferred method
  5. Show or share the Lightning or on-chain QR code to the sender
  6. Have the sender scan or paste and confirm the payment

When receiving cash from a Bitcoin or Lightning wallet, the sender’s bitcoin will be converted into cash and delivered to your cash balance. Please note, receiving via an on-chain transaction may take additional time to complete.