How do I send or receive payments using a Lightning Address?

A Lightning address is a user-friendly way to make payments through the Lightning Network. It’s kinda like an email address, as it appears in the same format of “username@example.com”, except that instead of sending and receiving messages it’s for payments.

Sending to a Lightning address

To send a payment to a Lightning address, visit either your Cash or Bitcoin screen (to send from your cash or bitcoin balance, respectively) and follow these steps:

  1. Tap Send
  2. Select Username
  3. Enter your recipient’s Lightning address (and an optional note)
  4. Enter the amount to send
  5. Confirm the send

When your payment is sent, it will be routed through the Lightning Network and delivered to your recipient.

Receiving to your Lightning address:

Every Strike user is automatically given their own Lightning address. Your Lightning Address is your username followed by “@strike.me” (for example jack@strike.me). You can view your Lightning address by visiting your Account screen. You can then post your Lightning address to your social media, or share it by tapping the Share button or the “Show QR” button.

When someone with a Lightning Addresses-compatible wallet app sends a payment to your Lightning address, it will be delivered directly to your Strike account as either cash or bitcoin. You can change your default delivery method to either cash or bitcoin at any time by following these steps.