How do I set up a recurring purchase?

Recurring purchases (aka dollar-cost-averaging or “DCAs”) are a way to buy bitcoin in set amounts at regular intervals. This is often viewed as a preferable way to get into bitcoin because it can help mitigate price volatility.

To set a recurring bitcoin purchase, ensure you have sufficient cash in your cash balance, then visit your Bitcoin screen and follow these steps:

  1. Tap the “Set a recurring purchase” card
  2. Set your desired frequency
  3. Enter the cash amount to buy at your set frequency
  4. Tap “Next
  5. Confirm the purchase

Your initial bitcoin purchase will execute immediately and a recurring purchase will be set up to repeat automatically according to your set frequency.

No fees after first week

Bitcoin trading fees apply when buying bitcoin, but with recurring purchases, fees are waived after the first week for hourly and daily purchases, and starting with the 2nd purchase for weekly and monthly purchases.


If you start a €10 weekly recurring purchase at 11am on Monday, it will automatically repeat every Monday thereafter at approximately 11am, provided there is sufficient cash to make the purchases. The initial purchase will incur bitcoin trading fees, but all subsequent repetitions won’t have fees.

Please note, certain limits to recurring purchases may apply.