How do I use Strike with Shopify?

Strike provides a no-code solution for adding Bitcoin Lightning payments to your Shopify store. The Strike Shopify app lets your customers send bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network, to be received into your Strike account as cash.

Getting started

To get started, ensure you’ve signed up for a Strike Business account. Once your account has been set up and verified, you can visit the Strike Shopify app in the Shopify app store and click “Install” to add the free app to your store. To complete the installation, you’ll need to sign in to your Strike account using your account credentials.

Accepting payments

Once you have added the Strike app to your Shopify store, you’re ready to accept payments. When a customer shops in your store and proceeds to checkout, they will now have the option to select “Pay with Bitcoin Lightning” among the listed payment options. When a customer selects “Pay with Bitcoin Lightning” and clicks “Pay now”, they will be guided through the following payment steps:

  1. The customer will be redirected to a payment screen
  2. Strike will generate and display a Bitcoin Lightning invoice QR code for an amount of bitcoin that corresponds to the customer’s purchase amount
  3. The customer can scan or paste the invoice with any Lightning-enabled Bitcoin wallet app to send their payment
  4. Their payment will be routed through the Lightning Network, converted into cash, and delivered to your Strike account
  5. The customer will then be presented with a payment confirmation screen, and they will be returned to your store’s completed checkout flow

Please note that the Lightning invoices expire, since they use a temporary exchange rate between the checkout cash amount and bitcoin. If the invoice expires prior to being paid, the customer can click “Generate new invoice” to and try their payment again.

You can view your completed transactions within your Strike Dashboard. The Strike Dashboard is a web-based desktop interface that lets you manage your Strike business activity, such as depositing or withdrawing cash, buying bitcoin, or making transactions through the Bitcoin and Lightning Networks.

If you experience any issues in signing up or processing payments, please contact support@strike.me and our support team will be happy to assist you.