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What are my available and pending balances?

Your cash and/or bitcoin balances can include available and pending amounts:

What is my balance?

Your balance is the cash or bitcoin in your account, which you can use for trading bitcoin.

Your balance = Your cash or bitcoin

What is my available balance?

Your available balance is the amount you can immediately send, spend, or withdraw. It’s calculated by taking your balance and subtracting any pending bank deposits.

Available = Your balance - pending bank deposits

Your pending bank deposits can be offset by any available funds in your other balance (cash or bitcoin). Eligible users can also access Strike Instant, offering immediate availability to a set amount of pending deposits.

What is my pending bank deposit balance?

Your pending balance is your ACH bank deposits that haven’t yet completed, including bitcoin purchases that sourced your bank account as the payment method. These deposits typically take a few business days and may be subject to additional holding days based on your account’s deposit history, balances, and status. You can use the funds to buy and sell bitcoin, but you’ll need to wait for deposit availability to send, spend or withdraw.

Pending = ACH deposits awaiting availability

Once your pending deposits have completed, your funds will be fully available. You can check your balance breakdowns by visiting your Cash or Bitcoin screens and tapping on the Balance button beneath your balance amount.

Ensure your Strike app is up to date to access the latest features and limits.