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What are my transaction limits?

Transaction limits are based on a number of factors, including country and account verification status.

When you sign up for Strike and complete basic account verification, you’ll begin with Level 1 limits. You can access Level 2 limits through additional in-app verification steps by visiting your Account screen, tapping Limits, then “Increase limits”. Your initial limits may be set lower when you begin and may increase or decrease depending on your account activity and other factors.

Deposit & receive Level 1 limit Level 2 limit
Wire transfer cash deposit N/A Unlimited
Direct deposit (via Get Paid in Bitcoin) N/A Unlimited
ACH bank deposit $1,000 / lifetime $5,000 - $35,000 / 7 days
Debit card deposit N/A $5,000 / 7 days
Receive Unlimited Unlimited
Trade, send, spend & withdraw Level 1 limit Level 2 limit
Trade bitcoin from cash balance Unlimited Unlimited
Send from available balance Unlimited Unlimited
Spend from available balance Unlimited Unlimited
Withdraw from available balance $1,000 / lifetime Unlimited
Send Globally to foreign currency accounts See limits See limits

Your ACH deposit limit may vary based on factors such as your account status and transaction activity. Your limit may be automatically increased over time with consistent use of the Strike app. When you buy bitcoin directly from a linked payment method, the deposit limits apply.

Your available balance to send, spend, or withdraw is your balance, minus pending bank deposits, which can occur due to ACH bank deposits taking a few business days to complete and become available. In the meantime, you can use the funds to buy and sell bitcoin, but must wait a few business days to send, spend, or withdraw. Learn more here.

You can also request a limit increase in-app via the Help section within your Account screen. Strike retains sole discretion to apply and change limits when needed. Also, your transactions may be declined for reasons other than these limits.

Ensure your Strike app is up to date to access the latest features and limits.