What are the benefits of buying bitcoin as a business?

Bitcoin is a global liquid asset, used by people and businesses worldwide to hold and transact value. It offers enhancements and diversifications for businesses:

Protection from inflation – Cash loses value over time due to inflation, however, with bitcoin you can diversify your liquid holdings into an asset that can’t be printed by governments.

Borderless payments – Payments can be sent and received globally with any Bitcoin or Lightning-enabled wallets – including employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, or subsidiaries – and because bitcoin is traded 24/7/365 across all major currencies, value can always move in, out, and through bitcoin.

Financial sovereignty – Bitcoin can be withdrawn and held in your own custody, enabling you to hold liquid funds without relying on a bank or 3rd party.

Accessibility – Cash in bank accounts may only be accessible during bank hours, within set limits, and take 1-5 business days to transfer, whereas bitcoin can be sent on a holiday Sunday at 4am internationally in whatever amount you need.