What are the Bitcoin fees and exchange rates?

Transaction fees

Strike doesn’t charge any transaction fees to buy or sell bitcoin.

Exchange rates

When buying or selling bitcoin through the Strike app, the applicable bitcoin price is presented to you before you confirm your order. This price is calculated at the time you initiate the transaction, and is based on the bitcoin bid and ask prices offered by Strike’s third-party service providers and a margin applied by Strike, from which Strike and its service providers earn revenue. Before confirming your bitcoin order, review the price to make sure that it’s acceptable.

For recurring purchases, the exact amount of bitcoin that you will receive for each purchase will vary depending on the rates at the time the scheduled purchase is executed. You can see the purchase price that was applied to each recurring purchase on your transaction receipt. For more information about recurring purchases, including how to set up or cancel them, please see this FAQ. For more information about fees and exchange rates, please see our Terms of Service.