What are the recurring purchase limits?

The following limits apply to recurring purchases:

  • The minimum amount is $0.01
  • The maximum amount is either your cash balance or your payment method’s deposit limit, depending on which method you selected
  • Recurring purchases using linked payment methods are only available to fully verified users in select countries
  • Only one recurring purchase can be set at a time
  • The date and time of the recurring purchase can only be set via your initial purchase (not at a custom time)
  • Recurring purchases via linked payment method are subject to your account’s deposit limits and your bank’s transfer limits, and can’t be set to hourly at this time
  • Insufficient funds from your selected payment method at the time of a purchase will result in that purchase failing, which you will be notified of via in-app notification
  • If your recurring purchase fails three cumulative times due to an insufficient cash balance, it will be automatically canceled