What fees and rates apply to bitcoin transactions?

Trading fees

When you buy or sell bitcoin using Strike there is a trading fee applied, called the Strike fee. The Strike fee is calculated as a percentage of your trade size and is based on your monthly trading volume. Learn more about Strike’s bitcoin trading fees here.

For recurring purchases, the exact amount of bitcoin that you will receive for each purchase will vary depending on the bitcoin price and your trading fee level at the time the scheduled purchase is executed. You can see the purchase price that was applied to each recurring purchase on your transaction receipt. For more information about recurring purchases, including how to set up or cancel them, please see this FAQ. For more information about fees and exchange rates, please see the Terms of Service.

On-chain send fees

When you send funds with Strike via the Bitcoin network (also known as an on-chain transaction), you have the option to select how quickly your transaction is settled. For the faster delivery times (Priority and Standard), Strike charges an on-chain send fee. Strike does not charge an on-chain send fee for the Flexible delivery time.

Routing fees

The Lightning Network makes transacting with bitcoin faster and cheaper than on-chain transactions. When you send funds with Strike via the Lightning Network, Strike charges an estimated routing fee to cover the Lightning routing fee. Routing fees are paid to Lightning node operators when payments are made through the network. Due to its low fees and fast settlement, sending funds via the Lightning Network is often seen as the preferable way to transact.

For more information about fees and rates, please see our Terms of Service. Please review all associated fees and rates prior to confirming a payment.