Which countries support buying bitcoin with a debit card?

Fully verified Strike users in the countries listed below can buy bitcoin and charge the purchase to their linked debit card.

Countries & territories
Antigua and Barbuda Ghana Panama
Australia Guatemala Paraguay
Azerbaijan Guinea Peru
Bahrain Honduras Philippines
Barbados India Serbia
Benin Kazakhstan Seychelles
Brazil Kenya South Africa
Chile Laos Taiwan
Colombia Mexico Uganda
Costa Rica Mongolia United Arab Emirates
Côte D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Montenegro United States of America
Dominican Republic Mozambique Uruguay
El Salvador Namibia Vietnam
Gabon New Zealand
Georgia Nicaragua

Users in select countries can also deposit cash to their cash balance using other available payment methods. All users can send and receive cash via the Bitcoin and Lightning Networks, fully verified users can send cash to domestic and foreign currency accounts in select countries using Send Globally.

Strike is constantly working to add more countries and payment methods. Follow Strike on social media for the latest updates.