Using Bitcoin to send money abroad

Using Bitcoin to send money abroad

Bitcoin's Lightning Network makes global money transfers faster and cheaper

Cash –> Bitcoin –> Cash

Send Globally is a feature in the Strike app that lets you send cash through the Bitcoin Lightning Network and have it delivered as local currency to bank or mobile money accounts. It’s a way of sending money globally or locally that can cut out unnecessary middlemen, achieve lower costs, and deliver at faster speeds.

It’s cash, sent through Bitcoin, delivered as local currency.

To understand how it works, let’s take a look at Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital asset that trades 24/7/365, uninterrupted. People worldwide buy and sell bitcoin across all major currencies. This means you can buy bitcoin with your local currency, send the bitcoin to someone else, who can then sell that bitcoin for a different currency. Cash to bitcoin to cash.

On top of Bitcoin is the Lightning Network, a second-layer scaling solution that lets people securely send real bitcoin faster and cheaper. With Lightning, people can now send and receive bitcoin, anywhere in the world at lightspeed, for low-to-no cost.

With Bitcoin and Lightning, all you need are cash on/off ramps to make global cash transfers… which is where Strike comes in.

The Strike app has full functionality for Bitcoin, Lightning, and cash. Strike has also built a global network of partnerships with bitcoin-powered companies. These global partners can receive bitcoin, convert it to their local currency, and deposit it directly to bank or mobile money accounts.

So, how does it work?

With cash in your Strike account, you add your recipient’s bank or mobile account details, enter an amount to send, and hit “Confirm”. Immediately, your cash is converted to bitcoin, bitcoin is sent via Lightning to the global partner, the global partner sells the bitcoin for local currency, and the local currency is deposited into your recipient’s account.

The entire operation is automated, and can be done in seconds. Neither you, nor your recipient, ever owns bitcoin. It’s a cash to foreign currency transaction, made possible through Bitcoin.

Bitcoin as public payments infrastructure

This is a new approach to using Bitcoin.

It’s using Bitcoin, not as an asset, but as a network to transfer value. It’s Bitcoin as public payments infrastructure for the world – an alternative to traditional money transfers.

In traditional finance, sending money internationally to friends and family (aka remittances) is slow and expensive. The average cost to remit money globally is roughly 6.20% — as in you send $100 and $6.20 is lost to fees, exchange rates, and/or middlemen.

There’s also delays. The money can take hours, days, or even weeks to arrive and be spendable. You’re also limited if you’re trying to send really small or really large amounts. It all depends on the country, currency, or companies involved.

But why is that?

Put simply, international banking processes.

To transfer local cash in a local bank to foreign cash in a foreign bank involves payment batching, net clearance schedules, chargeback risks, business hours, bank holidays, and of course fees for all middlemen involved. If the countries or currency-pairs are small or uncommon, then the rates, delivery times, and limitations are going to be worse.

It’s an inefficient system, not designed for speed and savings.

Lightning delivers real savings and real value

Send Globally is for saving time and money.

By using Bitcoin as the network to send value, Strike can deliver even better cross-currency exchange rates. That’s because the transfer is able to bypass a lot of the processes and middlemen that drive up costs. And since the money is sent through Lightning, it can arrive much faster than traditional money transfers.

Strike has already launched in a number of countries (with more to come), each with super low minimums. All you need is your recipient’s bank or mobile account details, and then you can send to them in their local currency, typically in seconds.

It’s as easy as texting.

You can also use it for travel. Airport money changers charge crazy high fees and bad rates, so why not use the cash in your Strike app while traveling abroad? On your next trip to the Philippines, just use your cash to pay people in pesos, by Sending Globally right to their mobile money account.

If your recipient doesn’t live in one of the supported countries, that’s okay. The Strike app is available in countries worldwide, so you can send them cash or bitcoin instantly to their Strike account. Or they can use any other Lightning-enabled wallet app to receive payments. Bitcoin is interoperable, and is traded across all major currencies. It just works.

You can use Send Globally the Strike app today, or check out this step-by-step walkthrough to learn more.

Happy sending.

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