How do I direct deposit using Get Paid in Bitcoin?

Direct deposits using "Get Paid in Bitcoin", allows you to set a percentage of your paycheck to be direct-deposited into your account as US dollars and bitcoin.

To set up your direct deposit, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Account
  2. Tap Direct deposit
  3. Share the provided banking details with your employer
  4. Tap “Get paid in bitcoin”
  5. Set your desired allocation between dollars and bitcoin

When your paycheck is sent, the amount will be deposited into your account according to your set bitcoin-dollar allocation percentage. You can change your allocation percentage at any time. The account that receives your deposit is a checking account.

Direct deposit form

If you prefer, you can create a direct deposit PDF form to share with your employer. To do that, tap the “Get direct deposit form” button on the “Direct deposit” screen described in step 2 above. In creating your form, you can set it as a partial direct deposit, so that only part of your paycheck is sent to your Strike account. Ensure your employer supports partial direct deposits before setting a custom amount.

Please note, direct deposits are not part of the deposit limits, meaning you can add cash to your account via direct deposit even if you have reached your existing deposit limit for bank account or debit cards. Direct deposit transfers must be from your employer or a third-party paying you for services.