How to use Send Globally

How to use Send Globally

Send cash to bank or mobile accounts – via Bitcoin – delivered as local currency

Get started with Send Globally

Send Globally is a way to send cash to bank or mobile accounts – via the Bitcoin Lightning Network – and have it delivered as local currency. It uses Bitcoin as a payments network, rather than just an asset. Check out this article to learn more about Lightning and how it works.

Before you get started, make sure you get your recipient’s details. Depending on which country they live in and how they want to get paid, you’ll need their phone number, and perhaps their bank name, account number, or mobile provider.

You’ll also need to have cash in your Strike account. If you don’t have Strike, you can download it, sign up in seconds, and add cash via bank account, debit card or wire transfer.

Once you have cash in your Strike account and your recipient’s details in hand, you’re good to go.

Sending globally

In the Strike app, go to your Cash screen and tap Send. In the pop-up menu, tap “Send Globally,” then select your recipient’s country from the list.

Next up is to add your recipient’s phone number. If they already have an account with Strike’s local 3rd-party partner, then their phone number will be enough to send them cash. If they don’t, then you’ll also need to add their full legal name and their preferred receiving method (bank name and account number, or mobile money network provider).

Once you add those details, you can enter the cash amount to send. Before you confirm the send, you’ll see the all-in exchange rate of how much your recipient will get, plus the estimated delivery time (which depends on their receiving method).

When you hit “Confirm”...

  1. Your cash is converted to bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin is sent to the third-party partner
  3. The partner converts the bitcoin to local currency
  4. Local currency is deposited into your recipient’s account

The whole process is automated and can be finalized in seconds. Neither you nor your recipient ever owns bitcoin, which lets you avoid any price volatility or tax headaches. It’s just a cash to foreign currency transaction, made through Bitcoin.

Let’s go!

Send Globally has super low minimums, which means you can start small and grow from there. You can also send as often as you like and whenever you like. So you can send $5 an hour or $1,000 a week, you choose.

If your recipient doesn’t live in a supported country, you can still send them money. The Strike app is available in countries worldwide, so you can send them cash or bitcoin directly to their Strike account. If Strike isn’t yet in their country, they can use any other Lightning-enabled wallet app to receive payments, as Strike lets you send from your cash balance to any Bitcoin or Lightning wallet.

If you have any troubles or questions, check out these FAQs or feel free to reach out to support@strike.me.

Strike is always looking to add more countries and more ways to send globally. Follow Strike on social media for the latest updates on country availability.

Happy sending.

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